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Spirituality Prevails Over Pastoral

Usually, the idea of an ecclesial renewal begins with any number of pastoral activities.  Our service in Movement for a Better World, has contributed, in the past, to the renewal of the Church and has fostered projects for a more just and fraternal-sororal society. In the mid-eighties, last century, the Promoting Group, made an option to design projects to renew the pastoral in a global and integral manner, first of the parish, then religious life, and later youth and family.  Later, the dioceses as a whole were included among the renewal projects.

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Mexico, august 9th, 2017. Begining in the last week of june and throughout the month of july, the mexican group experienced the third itinerary of the excercises called “Hacia un mundo mejor/ Towards a better world”, the itinerary of excercises called “Vivir desde dentro/ Live from within”, as well as the workshops: “Metodología prospectiva/ Prospective methodology” and “Equipos de Servicio/ Service Teams”.

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Coexistence of the Spanish Group -August 2017

Coexistence of the Spanish Group in the Spiritual Center of Nuestra Señora de la Estrella, La Rioja, Spain (August 3th -9th, 2017).

Monasterio La Estrella. San Asensiom, La riojaFor five years ago the spanish group has been experiencing the itineraries with persons that are not part of the group but that feel or have an interests to participate of this renewal experience. In year 2017 we have been focus in the perspective “… Towards a Better World”.

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Highlights from the experience of the itineraries

A person in the first phase of the fourth stage of life realizes that events are not as fortuitous as they seem at first glance.  This is what has happened to me when wanting to share some highlights of the experiences of the Itineraries which we have adapted from the original Exercises and which, in these past years, I have accompanied in various groups.

How did this adventure of updating the Exercises come about?

If I remember correctly there were certain anniversaries and other significant events that ignited within me the need for this updating.

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At the end of the meeting of the General Direction (June 2017)

To the Promoting Group, at the end of the meeting

of the General Direction  

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in Jesus!

This meeting of the General Direction in Madrid fills us with satisfaction when realizing that in fact we grow every year in the ability to dialogue, to delve into the spirituality that makes us more human, and in the discovery of an increasingly liberating knowledge of Jesus. We really felt accompanied by the whole Group. We received fraternal messages from America, Latin and Northern Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. We were accompanied during these days by Maite and María del Mar, from the Spanish Group; Silvano and Ilaria visited us from Italy, and so did José and Luisa from Puerto Rico. Continue reading At the end of the meeting of the General Direction (June 2017)