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Coronavirus. The exchange generates hope

Evoking and sharing the experience

In many countries the emergency has been declared, in others they are preparing themselves to the same… This is an unprecedented situation in history. We had never seen before that entire countries could paralyze themselves: all productive industrial activity, all public and private meeting spaces are closed. Everything is caused by an invisible agent, a virus, a tiny living cell that generates fear and panic, because it knows how to ally itself with other companions of destruction.

The truth is that we are confined at home, at the moment for some weeks, because the experts and scientists say that this is the first step to be able to control its invisible expansion. We are being motivated by saying that we have to “PROTECT OURSELVES IN ORDER TO PROTECT OTHERS”. It is not allowed to leave the beloved home, just go to work, those who can do it, go to the shops for food and medicines, essential items. Everything is closed for meetings, even mistrusting the churches, which is not surprising for me in this secularized society… Continue reading Coronavirus. The exchange generates hope

To all the sisters and brothers members of the South Korean Group

We are pleased with the step that has taken place between the two Koreas: from the truce to the pact of peace.
We recognize that the road ahead is arduous and complex since it is an international conflict which arose a long time ago.

With all our heart we wish that, with the help of the Spirit of the Lord, you may reach PEACE.

Thanks to those who have made it possible!
Congratulations to North Korea and South Korea, to all peoples who seek peace!
We hope all the axes are buried and forests of harmony may grow and we can live as brothers, equal and free!
We can not stop dreaming, believing and creating.

May the Promoting Group of Movement for a Better World
feel more and more encouraged to be a Peacebuilder,
from justice and mercy.

Between waiting and hope

Advent literally means “coming”or “arrival”, and it refers to God.  However there are various ways to express the “coming of the Lord”:  His coming at the end of time “to judge living and dead” as we pray in the Creed; His coming into the world, in the weakness of flesh, born in Bethlehem…

Theologically and pastorally we need to complement and update historically the time that reveals the double coming of the Lord, such as the Church Fathers have done.  He who came 2017 years ago in humility and poverty and who will arrive gloriously at the end of history is who arrives everyday to our personal, social and ecclesial life.   Origen asks: Does it matter whether Jesus was born in Bethlehem if he is not born today in your heart?  Luke citing Isaiah 40, marks John the Baptist’s mission and invites us to prepare the way of the Lord, “Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low.”  Jesus also comes today in a perplexing manner, he does it in the poor, in the immigrants dying in the Mediterranean sea, in the children that are victims of war in Syria, in women that are made slaves and are maimed, raped and killed, in families that have no homes because they cannot pay their mortgages, in the disaster of the climate change.

Continue reading Between waiting and hope

At the end of the meeting of the General Direction (June 2017)

To the Promoting Group, at the end of the meeting

of the General Direction  

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in Jesus!

This meeting of the General Direction in Madrid fills us with satisfaction when realizing that in fact we grow every year in the ability to dialogue, to delve into the spirituality that makes us more human, and in the discovery of an increasingly liberating knowledge of Jesus. We really felt accompanied by the whole Group. We received fraternal messages from America, Latin and Northern Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. We were accompanied during these days by Maite and María del Mar, from the Spanish Group; Silvano and Ilaria visited us from Italy, and so did José and Luisa from Puerto Rico. Continue reading At the end of the meeting of the General Direction (June 2017)