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(Español) Semana Santa y Pascua 2020. Experiencia en red que abre nuevos caminos

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 Desde el confinamiento el grupo español del Servicio de Animación Espiritual, lanzamos la propuesta de compartir nuestra vida, nuestro caminar en estos días, como un proceso personal de humanización acompañados y empujados por la fuerza del Espíritu de Jesús. Continue reading (Español) Semana Santa y Pascua 2020. Experiencia en red que abre nuevos caminos

Coronavirus. The exchange generates hope

Evoking and sharing the experience

In many countries the emergency has been declared, in others they are preparing themselves to the same… This is an unprecedented situation in history. We had never seen before that entire countries could paralyze themselves: all productive industrial activity, all public and private meeting spaces are closed. Everything is caused by an invisible agent, a virus, a tiny living cell that generates fear and panic, because it knows how to ally itself with other companions of destruction.

The truth is that we are confined at home, at the moment for some weeks, because the experts and scientists say that this is the first step to be able to control its invisible expansion. We are being motivated by saying that we have to “PROTECT OURSELVES IN ORDER TO PROTECT OTHERS”. It is not allowed to leave the beloved home, just go to work, those who can do it, go to the shops for food and medicines, essential items. Everything is closed for meetings, even mistrusting the churches, which is not surprising for me in this secularized society… Continue reading Coronavirus. The exchange generates hope