(English) Coexistence of the Spanish Group -August 2017

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Coexistence of the Spanish Group in the Spiritual Center of Nuestra Señora de la Estrella, La Rioja, Spain (August 3th -9th, 2017).

Monasterio La Estrella. San Asensiom, La riojaFor five years ago the spanish group has been experiencing the itineraries with persons that are not part of the group but that feel or have an interests to participate of this renewal experience. In year 2017 we have been focus in the perspective “… Towards a Better World”.

We have started from mercy as prophetic attituted to locate us in today’s world. To be contemporary is to see the world from closeness and attention to those in need as they are the ones who suffer most and those who most desire a change.

Then we focused on the three paths that guide our walk with mercy: To build our “Common house”; to make posible the “Universal Fraternity” and “awake the mistery and cultivate interiority”.

We, the thirty-four persons that participated, have serenely welcomed the task to live and perform, but at the same time we have also felt peace and joy of being aware that there is an horizon that begins in each person, in the company with other persons and that there is full confidence in the Spirit of Jesus that inhabit us and not in the knowledge, the strength or the number

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