We, the Spanish group, have celebrated a Coexistence from December 7 to 10 in Madrid. It has been very gratifying and fruitful days, as always. We have shared life, hopes, concerns, prayers, ideas and even cooking recipes.

The meeting was very special with the integration to the group of two marriages, which has been an injection of strength and courage: Mª José and Bernat, and Luisi and Antonio.

Our reflexion started with two questions: Why the diocesan proposals does not reach the desired conversion-renovation? What consequences does this has to our liveliness services? We also talked about how we see this situation and how to focus the future of the group and its service. We programmed several activities and meetings that we will try to carry out in the comming months as well as in the rest of the year. Definitely, we continue to walk with renovated enthusiasm.

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