To all the sisters and brothers members of the South Korean Group

We are pleased with the step that has taken place between the two Koreas: from the truce to the pact of peace.
We recognize that the road ahead is arduous and complex since it is an international conflict which arose a long time ago.

With all our heart we wish that, with the help of the Spirit of the Lord, you may reach PEACE.

Thanks to those who have made it possible!
Congratulations to North Korea and South Korea, to all peoples who seek peace!
We hope all the axes are buried and forests of harmony may grow and we can live as brothers, equal and free!
We can not stop dreaming, believing and creating.

May the Promoting Group of Movement for a Better World
feel more and more encouraged to be a Peacebuilder,
from justice and mercy.

Experiencing our own “daily life”

What does “daily life” have to do with the Signs of the Times?  What does it have to do with God?  What does it have to do with who I am and what I do and want from life? What does it have to do with the reality that our country is experiencing at this moment in time?

If we just answer rapidly, we would say that “nothing”; that our “routine” or what we experience “day-by-day” is one thing, and that the rest of what we go through is something totally different. That was my first thought when I experienced the Itinerary of the “Signs of the Times – A shared listening of reality”. However, with each one of the itineraries (this one and others), I realize that “daily life” does have a lot to do with everything.

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We, the Spanish group, have celebrated a Coexistence from December 7 to 10 in Madrid. It has been very gratifying and fruitful days, as always. We have shared life, hopes, concerns, prayers, ideas and even cooking recipes.

The meeting was very special with the integration to the group of two marriages, which has been an injection of strength and courage: Mª José and Bernat, and Luisi and Antonio.

Discerning the Signs of Times

One of the things that most caught my attention when I arrived at the Better World Service for Animation was “The Reading of the Signs of the Times”.  Those were the first years of my priesthood, my mind still full with “theologies”; it was a true novelty to feel myself included in a group to read reality from a critical consciousness.  I still remember the dynamics:  gather facts and happenings, organize them in groups of events, carry out a prophetic discernment in light of the Word of God, and finally make a commitment.

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Between waiting and hope

Advent literally means “coming”or “arrival”, and it refers to God.  However there are various ways to express the “coming of the Lord”:  His coming at the end of time “to judge living and dead” as we pray in the Creed; His coming into the world, in the weakness of flesh, born in Bethlehem…

Theologically and pastorally we need to complement and update historically the time that reveals the double coming of the Lord, such as the Church Fathers have done.  He who came 2017 years ago in humility and poverty and who will arrive gloriously at the end of history is who arrives everyday to our personal, social and ecclesial life.   Origen asks: Does it matter whether Jesus was born in Bethlehem if he is not born today in your heart?  Luke citing Isaiah 40, marks John the Baptist’s mission and invites us to prepare the way of the Lord, “Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low.”  Jesus also comes today in a perplexing manner, he does it in the poor, in the immigrants dying in the Mediterranean sea, in the children that are victims of war in Syria, in women that are made slaves and are maimed, raped and killed, in families that have no homes because they cannot pay their mortgages, in the disaster of the climate change.

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A city that cries … and rescues itself.

Dead men walk scattered among living men.
(José Carlos Becerra)

It’s a city that cries. It’s [Wednesday] September 20, 2017, and it’s six o’clock in the afternoon when the rain begins; It’s a day after the earthquake. And yes, it’s Mexico City that cries.
Surprisingly, it was almost exactly 32 years ago [with only six hours difference] that the same tragedy repeats again. There is nothing so spiritual as to dive deep into those unanswered questions that allows us to encounter with the profoundly humane aspect within ourselves. Every Mexican heart opens up and is available to react and respond to such misfortune in their own being– the human and the spiritual. Continue reading A city that cries … and rescues itself.


Mexico, august 9th, 2017. Begining in the last week of june and throughout the month of july, the mexican group experienced the third itinerary of the excercises called “Hacia un mundo mejor/ Towards a better world”, the itinerary of excercises called “Vivir desde dentro/ Live from within”, as well as the workshops: “Metodología prospectiva/ Prospective methodology” and “Equipos de Servicio/ Service Teams”.

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Coexistence of the Spanish Group -August 2017

Coexistence of the Spanish Group in the Spiritual Center of Nuestra Señora de la Estrella, La Rioja, Spain (August 3th -9th, 2017).

Monasterio La Estrella. San Asensiom, La riojaFor five years ago the spanish group has been experiencing the itineraries with persons that are not part of the group but that feel or have an interests to participate of this renewal experience. In year 2017 we have been focus in the perspective “… Towards a Better World”.

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(Español) Convivencia del grupo belga – julio de 2017

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Excepcionalmente este año, nuestra convivencia de este verano ha estado dedicada totalmente al segundo Itinerario de los ejercicios: SEGUIR AJESÚS.

Hemos sido 12 personas: Verónica, Jean-Marie, Françoise, Pascual, Pascual, Pierre, Coletón, Roger, Fina, Marie-Renilde y Luc, nuestro ‘proponente’. Todos hemos quedado muy felices y satisfechos de vivir esta experiencia. Tuvo lugar en la abadía de Brialmont, próximo a la ciudad de Lieja, donde vive una comunidad de religiosas benedictinas, lugar muy agradable, propicio para la tranquilidad y el intercambio.

En este segundo Itinerario, percibimos como una llamada a crecer y a tomar una decisión: “Yo me dispongo a seguir a Jesús, Yo decido continuar sus pasos”.

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