(Español) Semana Santa y Pascua 2020. Experiencia en red que abre nuevos caminos

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 Desde el confinamiento el grupo español del Servicio de Animación Espiritual, lanzamos la propuesta de compartir nuestra vida, nuestro caminar en estos días, como un proceso personal de humanización acompañados y empujados por la fuerza del Espíritu de Jesús. Continue reading (Español) Semana Santa y Pascua 2020. Experiencia en red que abre nuevos caminos

Coronavirus. The exchange generates hope

Evoking and sharing the experience

In many countries the emergency has been declared, in others they are preparing themselves to the same… This is an unprecedented situation in history. We had never seen before that entire countries could paralyze themselves: all productive industrial activity, all public and private meeting spaces are closed. Everything is caused by an invisible agent, a virus, a tiny living cell that generates fear and panic, because it knows how to ally itself with other companions of destruction.

The truth is that we are confined at home, at the moment for some weeks, because the experts and scientists say that this is the first step to be able to control its invisible expansion. We are being motivated by saying that we have to “PROTECT OURSELVES IN ORDER TO PROTECT OTHERS”. It is not allowed to leave the beloved home, just go to work, those who can do it, go to the shops for food and medicines, essential items. Everything is closed for meetings, even mistrusting the churches, which is not surprising for me in this secularized society… Continue reading Coronavirus. The exchange generates hope


The Pastoral Cenacle of the Movement for a Better World took place in Rome From 1st to 14th September.

A group of 54 people, from 21 countries, which includes most of the local groups located in different continents.

Prior to the beginning of the Pastoral Cenacle, the various local groups had the opportunity to reflect on the “Current Experience of Our Charisma”. The local groups expressed their understanding of the life of the group and of the world, what inspires us with enthusiasm, what appears as a horizon in the future of the group and what is revealed at this time about our charisma. Continue reading LIVING THE PASTORAL CENACLE 2019

Did you say “exercise”?

Everyone, no matter their age, recognizes that exercise is good.  If we stay strictly withthe meaning of the word exercise, from Latin “exercitium”, it has to do with “the art of regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ or bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness”.  These verbs refer to the practice of an activity, an art form, a job or a profession.  I recognize that I have been hard to convince of its more profound meaning, maybe because I am an active person, maybe due to the “activism” of Western society, or because of my own education.  I was taught about prayer, but I wasn’t taught the exercise of prayer.  I studied plenty theology, but no one helped me to digest it…  The truth is that in my own pastoral service, during quite a long time, I have studied a lot, and garnered a lot of information in order to transmit this knowledge in an active pedagogical manner. Recently I have gained consciousness regarding my conviction that I must first “exercise” that is, to take on whatever I learn and internalize it, in order to later transmit this knowledge to others. Continue reading Did you say “exercise”?

(Español) Convivencia del Grupo español. Agosto 2018

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Hace un mes, entre el 5 y el 11 de agosto, tuve la suerte de vivir un encuentro en compañía de otras veintiséis personas, en el Monasterio de la Estrella, ubicado en el centro de la comunidad autónoma de La Rioja.

Cultivar la interioridad ha sido el primer objetivo que hemos vivido. Partiendo de mi realidad cotidiana y compartiéndola con el resto he podido adentrarme en cuan superficiales son mis relaciones conmigo mismo, con los que viven a mi alrededor y con Dios, al tiempo que el compartir nos ha ayudado a constatar las dificultades externas e internas que permiten conocernos en profundidad y hacernos conscientes de nuestra realidad más íntima y de nuestras aspiraciones. Continue reading (Español) Convivencia del Grupo español. Agosto 2018

Spirituality Prevails Over Pastoral

Usually, the idea of an ecclesial renewal begins with any number of pastoral activities.  Our service in Movement for a Better World, has contributed, in the past, to the renewal of the Church and has fostered projects for a more just and fraternal-sororal society. In the mid-eighties, last century, the Promoting Group, made an option to design projects to renew the pastoral in a global and integral manner, first of the parish, then religious life, and later youth and family.  Later, the dioceses as a whole were included among the renewal projects.

Continue reading Spirituality Prevails Over Pastoral

To all the sisters and brothers members of the South Korean Group

We are pleased with the step that has taken place between the two Koreas: from the truce to the pact of peace.
We recognize that the road ahead is arduous and complex since it is an international conflict which arose a long time ago.

With all our heart we wish that, with the help of the Spirit of the Lord, you may reach PEACE.

Thanks to those who have made it possible!
Congratulations to North Korea and South Korea, to all peoples who seek peace!
We hope all the axes are buried and forests of harmony may grow and we can live as brothers, equal and free!
We can not stop dreaming, believing and creating.

May the Promoting Group of Movement for a Better World
feel more and more encouraged to be a Peacebuilder,
from justice and mercy.